This is the second part of a series “Managing Your Gift”. The basic premise of this series is not your lack of gifting, but the fact that you don’t know how to use or manage your gift.

Several weeks ago, I challenged a group of friends to reduce their life to a single sentence. Why are they here? What are their lives about? Without this focus, many times we go chasing after “good things” to do, but we have no strategy in what we do or how we do them. We sometimes fail to recognize that certain things are outside of our area of gifting or call simply because we don’t know our own blueprint.

Last week I followed my own advice. I finally drafted my sentence. It’s as close as I can get right now to articulating what God created me for and why He placed me on this earth, which is simply this:

To empower people to recognize, develop, and utilize their God-given gifts for the glory of God.

This is where I find my passion, my purpose, and my fulfillment. For each project that I’m involved in, I try to ask, “How does this fit into my ‘life sentence’?” If it doesn’t fit, I try to ask, “How can I change this project to match this vision?” If that’s still not possible, I try to reevaluate, “Am I sure I should be doing this project to begin with?” In fact, I want this such a part of my life that I’ve posted it on my wall at the office.

Please understand. I didn’t write this sentence in an hour or even a week. I’ve been working on this sentence for years, discovering more of who God made me to be. In fact, I’m probably not done writing it. But it’s there, and it’s something to work with. Now that I have it, I’ve gotten a new perspective on why I enjoy what I enjoy and why I dream my dreams. I’ve also gotten a deeper understanding of what to do and what not to do.

What might this look like for you? It might be quite simple: “To alleviate suffering in Africa.” “To care for homeless children.” It may be very uninteresting and mundane: “To serve others in practical ways so they can fulfill God’s call on their lives.” But no matter what it looks like to others, it should capture your reason for being on this earth.

I did it. Now you do it. If you had to summarize your life purpose in a sentence, what would it be?